Stumbled across your site doing a Google search on musical scrapbooks and you are EXACTLY what I was looking for! Just used the coupon code below and it worked PERFECTLY! thank you!! - Heather A.

I've received many compliments on the invitations. The sound card is great! - Gloria C.

I have just stumbled accross your product and I think it's brilliant! - Clare M, UK

High quality sound! The first thing I noticed when listening to the recorded message I'd just made, was how much clarity there was! I recovered the card and the sound was still clear. These foam cards are 7" X 5" X 1/4" and hold up well! When thin paper recordable cards are almost $10 - these are a great value and good looking! - Scott F.

THIS SET came with two recordable cards. A card will allow you to record about 20 seconds of sound. We recorded several times before we were satsfied, with no loss in quality. Pulled off the tab cover when done, to disable the re- record feature, although it could be put back on. It was bigger than we thought it would be, but it worked. We used it to record the intro to phantom of the opera, and attached it to the bottom of a handcrafted. phantom of the opera tribute trophy, The sound was great, and really carried-it was the finishing touch that the trophy needed. Would buy again without hesitation. - Hy T.

I have purchased Picture That Sound and created numerous gifts for friends, nieces, nephews and even school teachers. I have my children help decorate the card after we have recorded our special sentiment. Love that with a battery exchange that this gift will last forever! - Eileen S

Great gift idea!! This was exactly what I needed. Recorded my message so easily and I decorated the card the way I wanted. - Rachael BK

Great quality. Great sound. I made a one of a kind birthday card that the receiver cherishes. Would purchase again. - Gandalf

Works great! Good volume and clarity. - S. D. Chicago Ill

I chose four because it met my expectations considerably. I know it isn't some glorific hallmark brand but the sound is good, and i just drew a cover for it, and my friend loved it. It is pretty cheap and you get TWO out of this! So yeah, get it if you are looking for a casual card with good recording sound. - S. Olmos

I love love love these!! It was exactly what I needed for a gift project. Easy to use, can record up to 20 seconds, re-recordable if you make a mistake. They came in my friend's favorite colors too (yellow and teal)! I love them so much I'm going to buy more for future crafts! - CookiesNCreme

We used this on my daughter's science fair project board, replacing a homemade cobbled together version from a sound card picked up at Hallmark. That did not last! This one was perfect. It's very sturdy--about 1/4-inch thick, and the working parts are all very protected inside. The sound quality is not bad at all, which was important as her project was focused on sound. It held up well and still plays 6 months later. - Jenn G.

I was looking for a birthday card for a family member with a specific song - searched high & low but the song was not an option for any card anywhere - in store or online. In looking for recordable cards, most of them were only 10 seconds - these cards are a full 20 seconds. Notes: When recording, you need to keep firm pressure on the record button. Once I got the hang of that, I was able to make a recording with no problem. There are two cards - the first one is as pictured, the second card is sort of plain. I used scrapbooking stickers to dress them up. The cards are about 1/4" thick and don't open - I knew this from the pictures, descriptions and other reviews so it was fine with me. All in all, this was exactly what I needed, worked perfectly and was a lot of fun! - Cookie Lover

Great product! So easy to use! Comes in 2 cards. I put my baby's first lol recording on the card and added a cover and decorations. Everybody loved it so much! I'm going to use the second one for his first word recording. - Goomiu

We attached an ultrasound picture and the card allowed us to record a bit of the sonar heartbeat monitor in order to share the sex of our new little one with family. The card is very attractive and worked exactly how we had envisioned. - Brent

The Any Occasion recordable card has been the perfect gift for my mother with dementia, who kept asking the staff about me, in a distant nursing home. I was able to record my thoughts about her for 20 seconds, which is longer than other products, and attach the printed words for her to read with my picture for her to see. I also enclosed the card in a clear ziplock bag for protection, and the sound quality remained excellent. My mother and all of the staff have loved this gift. Kevin M.

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